Pet Wellness Exam

Regular vet care is essential to your pet's health. With regular wellness exams, our veterinarian at the Grandview Animal Hospital can follow their growth, watch for changes from previous appointments, and keep them up to date on vaccinations. We serve pet families from Surrey, and the nearby communities of Newton, Langley, and White Rock.

Pet Wellness Exam

What to Expect at a Wellness Appointment

The goal of annual pet exams is to offer progressive, preventive veterinary services that focus on age-appropriate vet care. Each appointment varies by what your pet needs at their current stage in life. For example, an important step with new kitten or puppy exams is building trust and learning the routine of these visits. Our veterinarian will get to know your pet, check their growth, vitals, and start them on their first vaccinations.

Kittens and puppies are susceptible to certain parasites such as intestinal worms, and you may need to bring in a fecal sample for these exams. Animals with positive screenings will receive treatment at the appointment and need to schedule follow-up care. Puppies over six months may schedule their heartworm test during wellness exams. 

If you didn't adopt the kitten or puppy from a shelter or reputable pet rescue, it's recommended they get blood tests to make sure they are safe to enter a home with other pets. Many of these blood tests are required for cats and dogs before the spaying or neutering process. 

Senior care is much more extensive and includes additional tests and screenings to prevent illnesses that are more common in older pets such as different cancers in both cats and dogs, cataracts in dogs, and urinary problems with cats. These appointments also check for mental health issues and will ask pet owners a series of questions to help them determine the levels, if any, of cognitive decline. 

Your Pet's Comprehensive Exam

The full checkup will cover your pet's health from head to toe. Our vet will take a full blood panel to establish your pet's normal baseline for red and white blood cell counts, protein, electrolytes, kidney, and liver functions to compare to future results and work to identify concerns before they become serious. Another annual lab tests include fecal and urinalysis. They will also check your pet's

  • Mouth, teeth, and gums
  • Eyes, ears, nose
  • Reflexes
  • Coat and skin

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