Dental Month


Dental Disease is more than just a cosmetic issue. When your canine companion or feline friend has red gums, yellow teeth, and stinky breath, it could be a sign of serious oral disease that could, if left untreated, lead to devastating affects on your pet’s quality of life.

Generally, the Pet Dental Health should be looked after for the whole year, Kudos to the Pet Parents who have fulfilled this responsibility already. But for the people and our pet friends who couldn’t get the opportunity, its not too late. We are offering a wonderful promotion.

The Pet Dental Health Month is observed all through February, but this year at Grandview Animal Hospital we are promoting it for an extra full month through the month of March. People who can’t book in the month of February, we welcome them to get the same discount through the month of March.

In our Dental Package you get-

  • A free consultation and exam with Our Veterinarians, regarding your pet’s dental health.
  • 10% off on total cost.
  • Complimentary Dental Wipes.
  • Free Bag of Dental prescription food.
  • 5% on Dental chews 

We encourage everyone, who has not been able to get their furry friend’s dental health looked after, please come visit us during the months of February and March and take benefit of this promotion.


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