Dogs and cats can suffer from several types of dermatology problems. If your dog or cat has a rash, skin irritation, or itchiness, and you live in the Surrey, Langley Township, or Delta areas, contact Grandview Animal Hospital to make an appointment for an assessment by our veterinarian. Read on to learn about the most common types of skin problems in pets so you are aware of their symptoms. This way you can obtain treatment promptly.


Dryness of The Skin

A pet with extremely dry skin will likely have flakes of skin present within their fur. This is a telltale sign that the skin does not have enough moisture present. To resolve this problem, see our veterinarian for an evaluation. Our vet may prescribe a moisturizer for your pet's skin and will make recommendations regarding bathing so natural oils of the skin are not depleted unnecessarily.

Patches of Missing Fur

A pet that is missing fur may be suffering from a skin issue. Often, pets that have skin troubles will bite or scratch at their bodies in an attempt to stop itchiness or discomfort. This, in turn, will cause the fur to fall out if it is accessed often. When a pet has spots where it is visibly missing fur, a trip to a veterinarian is best to determine the cause for baldness in these areas. Missing fur could also be caused by an anxiety issue, so it is best to have your pet evaluated in this situation.

The Presence of Fleas

A pet with a flea problem is likely to have a rash or skin irritation. Many pets are allergic to flea bites and will have extreme itchiness in areas where fleas are walking around and biting their skin. It is best to see our vet so you can obtain treatment for fleas before tending to a pet's skin in this type of scenario. When fleas are eradicated, the skin may heal on its own.

An Allergic Reaction

If your pet is allergic to a food, grooming agent, or something in the environment, their skin may suffer as a result. You will need to treat the allergy in addition to the skin problem so this difficulty does not cause your pet problems again in the future. Our vet will help you determine the trigger for the reaction it can be avoided completely. Skin medication may be necessary to clear up present problems caused by an allergic reaction.

If you live in Delta, Surrey, or Langley Township, and your pet has a rash, skin irritation, or other dermatology issues, contact our veterinarian for an appointment. Call Grandview Animal Hospital at (604) 385-3662 for more information about the services we provide.



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