Grandview Animal Hospital Answers Serious and Minor Conditions

Introduction to Grandview Animal Hospital

Surrey, BC is the home of leading licensed veterinarians Dr. Chandan Manesh and Dr. Nav Malhi. We are eager to care for your beloved pet and family member. Contact information includes the following. Give us a call for an appointment for health and wellness checks and conditions as they should raise. Call 604-385-3662 and access our website for more information.  

No matter what the condition is that your beloved pet suffers from we are here to examine your pet and order the treatment that will get your pet back on a healthy road. 

Pet Owners' Answer to Serious or Minor Conditions 

When problems arise with your pet it is usually at the most inopportune times. Can you imagine driving your pet to an animal hospital, miles away from your home when they are in a health crisis? 

Both of our Surrey doctors are in the office and ready to help from 9 AM to 1o p.m. Monday - Sunday. We serve Surrey, Langley Township, White Rock, Newton, Cloverdale and Delta. 

There is an unlimited list of conditions possibly affecting your dog or cat that sends you to the vet in an emergency. A few emergency conditions are as listed. 

  •  Severe bleeding that does not stop after three to four minutes
  •  Chocking, respiratory distress, coughing and gagging
  •  Blood in the urine or passing blood in the stool
  •  Inability to urinated or pass stool
  •  Eye injuries
  •  Ingesting toxins
  •  Seizures
  •  Collapsing or staggering
  •  Fractured bones
  •  Extreme Anxiety
  •  Noted increased pain
  •  Severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  •  Refusal to drink or eat for 24-48 hours
  •  Listless, lethargic, Unconsciousness

Our vets have many years of experience taking care of animals and take conditions seriously. Their focus is making sure to get your pet healthy and maintaining their health moving forward. Our doctors always stress the importance of wellness checks at least yearly and appointments made for necessary vaccines and health issues that may arise between checkups. Preventive care, proper nutrition, good dental care, spay and neuter programs, flea and tick programs, vaccinations, and many more health and wellness services all contribute to the highest level of health your pet can attain. 

When serious conditions arise Grandview Animal Hospital offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere conducive to getting your pet well again.

Call to Action Means Proper Pet Care

At the first indication that your pet is suffering, call Grandview Animal Hospital immediately. Dr. Malhi and Dr. Manesh are here to service your pet's emergency needs. 

Our animal hospital and vets proudly serve Delta, South Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley, White Rock, Langley Township, and Newton.

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