New at Grandview Animal Hospital…Therapeutic Laser Treatment

We are prescribing laser therapy as a first line of defense and a multi-modal approach in our optimal and innovative pain management protocol.

Laser therapy offers a multitude of applications that can enhance the well-being and quality of your pets life. It works on a cellular level to accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

What is Therapeutic Laser Treatment?

-Laser treatment is used to stimulate and promote healing in a non-invasive way.

-Laser therapy is as easy as 1-2-3 for your pet as it:

-Reduces pain quickly.

-Reduces inflammation.

-Reduces healing time on the condition/disease state.

-It does this non-pharmaceutically with no side effects.

Chronic Conditions:

-we recommend for pets with chronic conditions to be seen 3x in the first week.

-This helps to work on the disease state and only takes minutes.

-From here, treatment would then be 2x a week for the second week, and by week 3 there is only typically one appointment needed.

-Once we have reached this stage, we should see noticeable effects on the pain/inflammation and condition/disease state.

-From this point forward we would work on maintenance and use this therapy on an “as needed” basis.

Laser Therapy Use Cases:

*Urinary Tract Disorders

*Thoracic Disorders 

*Post Surgical/Wounds


*Abdominal Disorders

*Dermatologic Disorders 

*Neurological Disorders

*Musculoskeletal Disorders


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